Alkaline water for health

Alkaline water for health

Alkaline water has received a lot of buzz lately in the natural health community for its numerous touted benefits for health. A lot of people are opting to install a high quality alkaline water ionizer as it proves to be a healthier, sustainable, and cost-efficient way of producing fresh alkaline water right in your home, and never needing to buy bottled water again. Here are the top benefits of alkaline water and the uses it has been noted for:

1. Alkaline water may help with weight loss.

Drinking fresh alkaline water produced from a high quality alkaline water ionizer (like Enagic’s LeveLuk SD501 Countertop Ionizer) helps promote weight loss by helping the body balance its pH from acidic to alkaline, thus helping release fat from the body and support weight loss. Alkaline water thus helps reduce the body’s acidity and eliminate fat storage. In specific, the micro-clustered molecules of high-quality alkaline ionized water (as opposed to bottled alkaline water) help flush excess acid-buildup and toxins from the system which were held in the body’s fat molecules. It’s no wonder that countless celebrities and A-list fitness trainers drink high-quality alkaline ionized water (especially this brand) in their efforts to achieve fitness and weight loss naturally and effectively.


2. Alkaline water helps improve athletic performance naturally.

It’s also no wonder why a growing number of professional athletes, sports team, and fitness trainers are drinking high quality alkaline water (A-list celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels has this exact water filter in her home). Why are the LA Lakers, 49ers, and countless high-performance athletes drinking high-quality alkaline water? Alkaline water that has been ionized via high-quality electrolysis (rather than simply “enhanced” with minerals that will cause it to switch to an alkaline pH, which is the case with most bottled alkaline water), has been micro-clustered and thus is able to provide very fast and efficient hydration. Regular water molecules that have not been ionized and thus are not micro-clustered are too big to get absorbed properly by the body and cause you that bloated feeling after drinking water. Enagic’s alkaline ionized water filters produce alkaline ionized water that has water molecules small enough to reach the brain in under 25 seconds! It’s no wonder why the LA Lakers and countless other professional athletes and high-profile trainers have installed Enagic’s water ionizer in their homes.


Alkaline Water for Health: Enagic Alkaline Ionized Water Filter
Alkaline Water for Health: Enagic Alkaline Ionized Water Filter


3. Alkaline water helps improve skin tone and hair health.

The ultra-hydrating property of high-quality alkaline ionized water not only helps improve athletic performance, but it also helps clear skin and improve hair health. Why is this? Our bodies are mostly comprised of water, and water is required for nearly every metabolic process that the body performs. So, when we are dehydrated our body begins to suck moisture from our skin and hair to help re-hydrate and perform its functions, thus leading to sallow skin and dry hair. Ionized alkaline water’s ultra-hydrating property is not the only reason for its beautifying effects, though! Ionized alkaline water also helps gently cleanse and detoxify the liver, the organ that is responsible for filtering out toxins in the body. When the liver becomes overburdened with toxins, it begins to release them through the skin, thus leading to various skin conditions, poor skin tone and even acne. But, again, it’s important to make sure that your alkaline water is produced fresh from a high-quality water ionizer (and not bottled alkaline water) to ensure that it is actually ionized and therefore micro-clustered (most bottled alkaline water brands add “minerals” which simply switch the pH to an alkaline state, but don’t actually ionize the water, which is what helps give alkaline water most of its benefits. It’s no wonder why a growing number of actors and actresses have installed high-quality alkaline ionizers in their homes (Beyonce and Angelina Jolie love this brand)!

4. Alkaline water helps naturally remedy acne, eczema, psoriasis, and other skin conditions

Similar to the benefits mentioned above, high-quality alkaline water has been believed to help naturally heal acne, eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, and other skin conditions. This is due to its ability to detoxify the digestive tract, hydrate the body from the inside out with optimal absorption, and rebalance the body’s pH from acidic to alkaline. As you may know, the liver and digestive tract are responsible for the health of our skin. When our liver or digestive tract are overburdened with toxins and overpopulated with bad bacteria which produce toxic byproducts, our body tries to eliminate toxins through the body’s largest organ: the skin. This is why when you help rebalance the pH to an alkaline state, you help naturally clear toxins and flush your liver, allowing your skin to breathe. To reap the skin-clearing benefits from alkaline water, though, it is very important to make sure you are drinking freshly ionized alkaline water produced by an alkaline water ionizer (and not bottled alkaline water). Bottled alkaline water is usually made to be alkaline by the addition of “minerals” but do not bear the same ionization properties. Buying a high-quality alkaline water ionizer for your kitchen will help you produce the most beneficial alkaline ionized water, and will save you money by eliminating the need to ever buy bottled water again (100’s of health gurus and celebrities have installed this brand in their kitchen).


5. Alkaline water helps naturally increase energy levels

For the same reason why athletes and celebrity trainers love high-quality alkaline water, alkaline water is also believed to help increase energy levels, including mental concentration and physical stamina. This is due to alkaline water’s ability to quickly and efficiently hydrate the body thanks to its micro-clustered ionization (remember that there is a difference between bottled alkaline water and truly ionized alkaline water that has a been produced from a high-quality water filter). This means that alkaline ionized water molecules are small enough to pass through the blood brain barrier and reach the brain in under 25 seconds, allowing it to properly hydrate the brain and body, encouraging healthier energy levels and cognitive performance (this is what many believe endow ionized alkaline water with the ability to improve Alzheimer’s, Autism, and other cognitive conditions – read more below).

6. Alkaline water helps naturally cure acid reflux

Ionized water molecule hydration specialist, Shohreh Janfaza ( – Los Angeles, CA310 – 447 – 8947), claims that “drinking ionized alkaline water (produced fresh from a high-quality kitchen-top filter like this one) eliminated her husband’s acid reflux in less than a week.” This case is one of many, and it’s unsurprising. Alkaline water helps the body rebalance its pH and eliminate excessive acid waste from the body, providing an all-natural solution for acid reflux and helping the body heal itself without the need for chemicals or pills.

7. As also mentioned in the Huffington Post, alkaline water is believed to help improve gut health.

” Some proponents of alkalized water say that it could improve your gut health. Ionized water possesses a negative oxidation-reduction potential, which means it might offer extra disinfectant properties, helping to protect you from dangerous microorganisms. ” – Huffington Post

As you may know, gut health is believed to be a pillar to achieving optimal health, for improving digestion and reducing inflammation throughout the body.


8. Alkaline water is believed to help with Glycation, Alzheimers & Diabetes

Drinking alkaline ionized water has been seen to naturally lower glycation levels and reduce liver damage in rats with poor blood sugar control. Why is this so important? Here’s the mini chemistry lesson to explain why:

Glycation is a reaction that occurs when simple sugar molecules, like fructose or glucose, get attached to proteins or lipid fats without the moderation of an enzyme, resulting in the formation of rogue molecules known as advanced glycation endproducts (AGEs). AGEs are associated with health risks such as Alzheimer’s and diabetes.

All in all, there are a growing number of reasons why buying an ionized alkaline water filter is believed to help improve a variety of health concerns, while saving money and time. Investing in the one-time purchase of a high-quality ionized alkaline filter will let you produce an unlimited amount of freshly ionized, alkaline water in your very own kitchen – never buy bottled water again! For the highest quality, recommended water ionization filters, view this list here.

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